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石膏粉Natural gypsum (CaSO4 · 2H2O) is also called raw gypsum. After calcination and grinding, the mature gypsum can be obtained. Gypsum is an important industrial raw material.

Pharmacological action:

1. heat removal

2. the effect on cardiovascular system

3. the effect on smooth muscle is that the amplitude of isolated small intestine and uterus of rabbits is increased by the small dosage gypsum supernatant, while the tension and amplitude of the uterus in rabbits are increased at large dose. Gypsum can also increase the urine discharge of mice, slow down the function of small intestine propulsion, and increase bile excretion of rats and cats

4. other effects of gypsum through gastric acid, some of them become soluble calcium salt. When absorbed into the intestine, calcium concentration in serum can be increased, the nervous stress ability (including the function of central nervous temperature regulation) can be inhibited, the excitability of skeletal muscle can be reduced, muscle spasm can be relieved, and vascular permeability can be reduced

Application area:

Gypsum is a monoclinic system, with high cleavage and easy to split into thin sections. Heat gypsum to 100-200 ° C. If the part of the crystalline water is lost, the gypsum with half water can be obtained. α The type half water gypsum has good crystallization and solid; β The type-I semi water gypsum is a crystal with cracks and sheet, with fine crystal and specific surface area ratio α The type half water gypsum is much larger. When producing gypsum products, α Type half water gypsum ratio β The water demand of the type is less, and the products have high density and strength. Usually, autoclaves are used to steam in saturated steam medium α Type half water gypsum, also known as high strength gypsum; It is made by firing the open device of the frying pot or rotary kiln β Type half water gypsum, i.e. architectural gypsum. The slurry mixed with half water gypsum and water forms gypsum of dihydrate again, and the strength is obtained by setting and hardening rapidly during drying.

Investment prospects:

The new building materials have the advantages of light weight, high strength, heat preservation, energy saving, soil saving and decoration. The new building materials not only improve the function of the house, but also make the building more modern and meet the aesthetic requirements of people. The performance and function of new building materials are different, and the raw materials and process methods for the production of new building materials are different. Some new building materials can significantly reduce the self weight of buildings, create conditions for the promotion of light-duty building structures, and greatly accelerate the building speed. Some varieties are mainly in the decor, such as decoration materials; Some varieties focus on functions, such as thermal insulation materials; Some of them are derived from deep processing, such as new building plates. Take the new building plate as an example. At present, there are dozens of new types of building boards, among which paper gypsum board, GRC board and asbestos free calcium silicate board are the three new building boards with the largest production and most common application in China. The three kinds of plates not only adopt different raw materials, different production process, but also have different properties and functions. The raw materials used are non-metallic materials and are easy to get. They are used as raw plates, and then they are equipped with anti-seepage, heat preservation and fire-proof functional materials. With composite technology, various new wall materials with light weight and excellent performance can be produced.