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Concept: mica is a kind of rock making mineral, usually in the form of pseudohexagonal or rhombic plate, sheet and columnar crystal. The color varies with the chemical composition, and it is mainly deepened with the increase of Fe content. Mica has the characteristics of insulation, high temperature resistance, luster, stable physical and chemical properties, good insulation, elasticity and toughness, and also the properties of being peeled into elastic transparent sheet.

Mineral composition:

The main minerals of dolomite pegmatite ore are microcline, feldspar, quartz and dolomite, and the secondary minerals are biotite, ferroaluminosite, tourmaline, apatite, beryl and ilmenite.

Apatite, diorite, diopside, calcite, carbonate rock and microcline are often found in the vein of the gold mica deposit.

Dolomite in the fine dolomite deposit accounts for 50-70% in general, K-feldspar and quartz account for about 10%, and the trace minerals are magnetite and limonite.

Main uses:

The most used in industry is Muscovite, followed by phlogopite. It is widely used in building materials industry, fire fighting industry, fire extinguishing agent, welding strip, plastic, electrical insulation, paper making, asphalt paper, rubber, pearlescent pigment and other chemical industries. Ultrafine mica powder is used as functional filler for plastic, paint, paint, rubber and so on, which can improve its mechanical strength, enhance toughness, adhesion, anti-aging and corrosion resistance.

Medicine: Mica, sweet taste, flat sex, the main muscle like dead people do not feel. It is cold and hot when it is injured by wind evil. It is like sitting on a boat, dizzy, with the ability to build and remove wind evil, enrich five organs, increase fertility, make eyes bright, and wear the body for a long time, light and smart, and prolong life. Also known as cloud beads, cloud Hua, Yunying, cloud fluid, cloud sand, phosphorite, produced in the deep valley of the mountain.

Special functions: mica has high insulation strength, high resistance, low dielectric loss, arc resistance, corona resistance and other excellent dielectric properties, and has hard texture, high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance and rapid temperature change, and good physical and chemical properties such as acid alkali resistance. Therefore, mica is widely used in radio industry, aviation industry and motor manufacturing, It is also widely used in coating, paint, plastic, linoleum, paper making, oil field drilling, decoration and makeup industries. In paint, it can reduce the damage of ultraviolet or other light and heat on the paint film, increase the acid resistance, alkali and electrical insulation performance of the coating, improve the frost resistance, corrosion resistance, tenacity and compactness of the coating, reduce the permeability of the coating, and prevent spots and cracks.

In industry, it mainly uses its insulation and heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, compression resistance and stripping property, and is used as insulation material for electrical equipment and electrical equipment; Secondly, it is used to manufacture the windows and mechanical parts of steam boiler and smelting furnace. Mica crushing and mica powder can be processed into mica paper, and can also replace mica sheet to manufacture various low cost and uniform thickness insulation materials.