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Ningguo Zhongyi Wear-resistant Material Co., Ltd. is a scientific wear-resistant material new-type enterprise integrating wear-resistant material technology, grinding technology, independent research &development capacity, production, equipment manufacturing and technical service. The company mainly provides superior grinding ball,cylinder,bar and also provides liner, partition board as well as hammer, etc. Additionally, the company implements structure design and debugging of technological parameters of the grinding system by uniting famous Mining, cement, power design institutes in China to attain the purpose of increasing comprehensive benefits, like production, electricity saving, specific surface of cement or fineness of mineral powder, reducing ball consumption and extending the service life of the liner, etc. the company stresses quality and credit in the hope that it could provide superior services for the honest and faithful clients.

The company covers about 29,000 square meter with an annual output of 22,000 tons of grinding ball,cylinder,bar and liner hammer.Inventory quantity more than 1000 tons.Main product is high chromium grinding ball,cylinder (max content of 32% chromium) and composite hammer exported to more than 20 countries and regions, like South Korea, Egypt, South Africa, Peru, Bangladesh, etc.

In the past three years, the national authoritative quality supervision department selectively examined our products, and all indexes meet and even surpass the national standards; the chromium content which affects product quality and price meets the content requirement promised to customers. After special treatment of quenching and tempering (reduce hardness and eliminate stress), its hardness is still far higher than the national standard HRC58 requirement, with highest hardness reaches amazing HRC69 (HRC70 is the limit of Rockwell hardness, its highest hardness and average hardness are both above the industry level), higher than the national standard by about 18%; while its average reaches HRC65.3, higher than the national standard by about 13%. Besides, the difference of its internal and external hardness is controlled within HRC3. Wear-resistant ball with large size of Φ 100 is taken samples for internationally accepted V-type full absorption impact test (different from unnotched impact test made by other manufacturers of the industry), and got the impact toughness of about 1.7 KV2 (J).

The company has wear-resistant steel ball, bar, special-shaped grinding body complete mould of various shapes with diameters from 8 to 150mm, can produce steel ball with impact value greater than 30J/cm², meeting the requirement of the sag mill with the world’s largest diameter of 13.6m. The company has independently developed multiple new types of special material steel ball; some materials can reduce the production cost, while some materials can achieve both high abrasion resistance and high impact toughness.

Company has 8-150 - mm diameter each shape, can produce impact value greater than 30 J/cm squared meet half of the world's largest diameter from the MILL (13.6 m SAG MILL) demand of steel ball. The Adhering to the principles of honest, sincerity, persistence, and enterprising, the company is committed to continuously produce products with more economic benefits for customers and the society.